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Jacques Blin

Inimitable Style

Jacques Blin (1920 - 1995)

Jacques Blin, French ceramicist, was an engineer by trade but with a love for the visual arts. His style is immediately recognisable. His signature glaze is characterised by a more or less misty appearance and by decoration deeply marked in the raw clay, a method he used throughout his career. He frequently used fanciful birds, primitive animals, stylised figures and whimsical abstract motifs in his works which are always signed "J. Blin". 


Lucien Génin

1930s Views of Paris

Lucien Génin (1894 - 1953)

After the devastation of the First World War, left his provincial home in the autumn of 1919 to find his fortune among the lively Parisians in the heart of Montmartre. Not concerning himself with producing "art", he beautifully captured the spirit of Paris between the wars while enjoying a truly Bohemian existence. More than a painter of Paris, Génin is a painter of Parisians. He painted them in the alleys of Montmartre, dining on Place du Tertre, singing in the Lapain Agile, or in a car passing by on the grands boulevards. His paintings were witness to the end of the Roaring Twenties and the beginning of the world depression of 1929. The art critics stated that he created intelligent, composed, colourful, sensitive, skilful, delicate, humorous and witty works of art. A painting by Lucien Génin was awarded an important prize from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1932. 


Bruno Gambone

(b. 1936)

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Roger Capron (1922 - 2006)

Vallauris, France

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French Expressionist Artist

Maurice Empi (b. 1932)

Maurice Empi was born in Saint Etienne in the Loire Valley in France in 1932. In 1949 he enrolled in the 'Ecole Technique Supérieur de Art et Publicité' in Montparnasse, Paris. His professor and friend, Marcel Basler, also an artist, convinced him to abandon his studies in advertising and graphic design to dedicate his life to art. He's never looked back. His first private exhibition was held in Paris in 1953 and his reputation quickly propelled his work overseas to Stockholm in 1955, London in 1959 and Nagoya and Tokyo in 1971. His works are decidedly collectible and increasing in value as he approaches his mid-eighties. Empi's works have been sold at major auction houses worldwide and held in many civic and private collections. His painting themes feature views of Paris and Venice, horse racing, sailing regattas, musicians and their orchestras and French cafés. 


Mithé Espelt

Remarkably Original Pieces

Mithé Espelt (1923 - 2020)

Born in 1923, Mithé Espelt was a French ceramic artist based in the Camargue region at the gates of Provence. She was renowned for her production of ceramic mirrors of remarkable originality but often mistakenly confused with those of François Lembo. She welcomed friends in her house in Séte including François Desnoyer, Jean Hugo and Pablo Picasso. Her work and the extraordinary story of her life have been revealed in Antoine Candau's book, "Mithé Espelt, the Discreet Luxury of Every Day". A retrospective of her work is scheduled for the Autumn, 2020 in Paris. 


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