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'Standing Nude' by François Diana (c. 1960s)

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'Standing Nude', oil on board, (c. 1960s) by François Diana (1903 - 1993). This work of sumptuous colour and sensuous subject matter is immediately appealing. It is summertime in the French Riviera and Provence. A woman, nude, poses for the artist in her living room which is divided into quadrants of lively colour: lime green, yellow, red and blue. Each stands out individually yet blends harmoniously into a beautifully lucid work of art. Original frame with linen mount in excellent vintage condition commensurate with its age. A short video clip of this work can be provided upon request.

About the Artist: Born in Marseille, France, in 1903, son of a labourer with Italian roots, François Diana started at the Ecole des beaux-arts in his home town at the age of 15. He shared workshops with fellow artists from the area, Antoine Serra, Pierre Ambrogiani and Louis Toncini. Diana and these artists belonged to an artistic movement that celebrated industrial cities, ports and the world of labourers - they were called the 'Painters of the People'. Diana was an admirer of Chabaud and Seyssaud, two masters whom he knew personally. After the war, he painted landscapes, nudes and still life works with lively and harmonious colours. He was a teacher of painting at the Palais des Arts, Place Carli from 1946 - 1973 where he mentored Joseph Stamboulian, Bernard Roux and Jean-Marie Zazzi. In 2014, Michel Tailland published a book of Diana's complete works. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 42.5 cm (16.7")

W 28 cm (11")

Dimensions without frame:

H 32.3 cm (12.7")

W 17 cm (6.7")