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'Équitation' by Pierre Gaillardot (circa 1970s - 80s)


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'Équitation', oil on canvas (circa 1970s - 80s), by Pierre Gaillardot. France has produced some of the world’s greatest horses and riders, with an equestrian tradition that dates back through the centuries. Today there are nearly two million riders in France. With this tradition and level of engagement, French 'Équitation, or the 'Councours Hippique' (Show Jumping), is prominently depicted in French art. Pierre Gaillardot lived in Deauville, home of a major harness racing track where he was inspired to paint the world of competition horses. In this artwork, the artist portrays what appears to be a lovely day of horse jumping competition. The intensity of the green contrasts with the bright reds and oranges of the riders' coats. The white jump fence creates geometric order in the work and focuses the viewer's' attention on the beauty and power of the horse. The piece is in good vintage condition and is newly framed with a linen slip. It is signed in the lower right hand corner: 'Pierre Gaillardot'. Upon request a video of the artwork may be provided.

About the Artist: Pierre Gaillardot (1910 - 2002), French painter from the new school of Paris whose origins were from the Burgundy region. He mostly depicted scenes of vineyards and winemakers as well as horse races, as he later lived and worked in Deauville. Employing a rather expressionist style, his depictions of horses and their riders  perfectly capture the swift movement and the beauty of the sport. In 1966 Gaillardot was awarded the ‘Prix Pierre Puvis de Chavannes' upon the recommendation of the Committee of the ‘Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts’ and the City of Paris. A retrospective exhibition of his works was held at the ‘Musée d’Art Moderne’ in Paris in 1967. His works appear for sale at the major international auction houses and reside in collections around the world.  

Dimensions with frame:

H 67.0 cm / 26.4"

W 58.0 cm / 22.8"

Dimensions without frame:

H 44.5 cm / 17.5"

W 54.0 cm / 21.3"