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'Young Fisherman With Dog and Rooster' by Dany Lartigue (c. 1950s)

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'Young Fisherman With Dog and Rooster', oil on canvas, (c. 1950s), by Dany Lartigue (1921 - 2017). A young man, barefoot in the fishing port of St. Tropez, heads to market with his catch in the basket on his back. A dog looks on from a fishing boat in its cradle, meanwhile the rooster eyes the fish in the boy's hand contemplating a quick pluck at his catch. In its original frame with linen mount, in excellent vintage condition commensurate with its age. Signed 'Dany' in upper right hand corner.

About the Artist: Painter, writer, entomologist and overall Renaissance man, Dany Lartigue (1921- 2017) passed away in June of 2017 in St. Tropez, France, at the age of 96. He was a revered local with an international reputation. Lartigue arrived in St. Tropez in 1938 where his mother, Madeleine Messager, called 'Bibi', daughter of composer André Messager, lived. After WWII, this talented painter, son of famous photographer, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, became friends with artist Pierre Bonnard as well as other artists, comedians and writers from Saint-Germain des Prés who adopted St. Tropez as their own. Dany painted scenes from St. Tropez, Paris and Provence - images of a simpler time - which will be preserved for posterity. Despite his success as a painter and writer, he will be best remembered by the locals as the founder of the 'Maison des Papillons', or House of Butterflies, in 1991. An indefatigable butterfly collector, his rare specimens are curated in his St. Tropez museum and constitute his unique contribution as one of the world's most eminent specialists. The Mayor of St. Tropez, in a final tribute, said Dany's museum was the Sistine Chapel of lepidoptera. Of butterflies, Dany Lartigue said that 'they are the image of happiness.' So is this painting.

Dimensions with Frame:

H  40 cm

W  34.5 cm

Dimensions without Frame:

H  26.5 cm

W  21 cm