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'Woodpecker' by David McClure, RSA RSW RGI (circa 1980s - 1990s)


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'Woodpecker', oil on board, by David McClure, RSA RSW RGI, (circa 1980s - 1990s). Woodpeckers come in many varieties, they are mostly boldly-patterned, sharing features such as a chisel-like bill, round head, long tongue, stiff tail and two toes facing forwards and two back to give a better grip on rounded branches. This is a wonderful depiction of a stunningly-coloured bird which contrasts with a delicate background of pale coral pink complemented by purple flowers and white blossoms. The bird rests on a slight cane of bamboo and pecks on another. The crossing of the two canes gives form and balance to the composition as do the contrasting colours. Wonderful. The work is in very good vintage condition and is signed: 'D. McClure' in the lower lefthand corner and on the rear of the work. The original, beautiful glazed frame has been retained with linen slip and is in fair condition with characterful blemishes in the form of nicks, scratches and scrapes. Please see accompanying photos. Upon request a video of the work will be provided. The gallery holds another similar work by the same artist and would ideally be acquired as a pair. 

About the Artist: David McClure, RSA RSW RGI (1926-1998), was a Scottish artist and lecturer. He is most well known for his paintings of still-lifes, interiors, figures and family portraits as well as his landscape and townscape paintings of Scotland, Italy, Sicily and Spain where he lived and travelled throughout his life. In 1952 McClure was awarded the Andrew Grant Scholarship facilitating his travelling in France, Spain and Italy. There he concentrated on landscape and townscape scenes with some still life painting. The rest of his professional life was spent in Dundee where he lived with his family and taught from 1958 at Jordanstone College of Art (now part of the University of Dundee). David McClure's paintings are held by a number of public and private collections across the UK and internationally.

Dimensions with frame:

H 40 cm / 15.7"

W 35.5 cm / 14"

Dimensions without frame:

H 24.1 cm / 9.5"

W 19.1 cm / 7.5"