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Wooden Sculpture / Carving of Fertility Figure from Sumba Island, Indonesia (circa 1960s - 1970s)

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Wooden sculpture / carving of fertility figure from Sumba Island, Indonesia, (circa 1960s - 1970s). The island tribal creators of works like this one are anonymous. Often the age, origin and even use of the objects are often unknown as well. Notwithstanding some of this ambiguity, the works are aesthetically riveting and this handsome figure clearly has a connection with fertility. Carved from a wood that is red on the inside, it is a decorative figure from a culture and traditional religion which includes both ancestral worship and deity worship. In good vintage condition commensurate with age. The piece can stand upright on its own but its balance is tenuous. Upon request, a short video clip of this piece may be provided. 


H 23 cm (9.1")

W 4.8 cm (1.9")

D 4 cm (1.6")