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Vintage Ceramic Flower Vase by Jean Mayodon (circa 1960s)


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Vintage ceramic flower vase by renowned ceramicist, Jean Mayodon (circa 1960s). Deer float on the round in high relief over a field of green foliage on the body of this striking vase. The piece's shape and decor are influenced by eastern art, particularly Persian style ceramics. The glaze's sheen is still wonderfully alive after all of these decades. Overall, it is in good vintage condition with a minor blemish in its underside near the artist's monogram. The maker's mark, an 'M' is partially obscured by the underside blemish. That it is Mayodon's work is unquestionable. Please carefully view the many photos accompanying this listing to appreciate its condition and aesthetic qualities. It is a stunning piece. Upon request, a short video clip of the piece may be provided. 


H 21 cm / 8.3"

Dia 13 cm / 5.1"

About the Artist: Jean Mayodon (1893 - 1967) had no formal training but lived in a community of artists in Serves, France and was influenced, especially in the classical styles, by artists he had met such as Henri Cros, Claude Monet, Isadora Duncan, Rodin and Bourdelle. Before he began his career producing ceramics in 1912 he spent 2 years in London doing antique restoration. He later went on to assume the artistic leadership of a company called 'Manufacture' of Sèvre in 1941, one of the leading European porcelain makers, after having been its artistic counsellor in 1934. Jean Mayodon developed decorative styles with figurative illustrations of exquisite quality and the vivid movement he infused in his ceramic works invoked the traditions of antiquity using centaurs, sirens, mermen, mermaids and goddesses and stylised animals as subject matter. Jean Maydon's ashes rest in the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.