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Vintage Brass 'Hand of Fatima' Door Knocker (Circa 1920s)

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Vintage brass 'Hand of Fatima' door knocker (heurtoir in French) with lacy cuff and ring. The hand and the number five figure significantly in eastern traditions and are particularly associated with warding off the evil eye. Occupants of a house with a door knocker in this shape were protected against evil. Hand of Fatima door knockers are found extensively in Spain which was under Moorish occupation for centuries. Some of the Moorish cultural influences penetrated as far as southern France, which is where this one was found in a small town market.  This particular door knocker wears its age with elegance - worn smooth from the elements and use, it is a stunning example of a long and mysterious tradition of attaching these pieces to door fronts to protect a home's occupants. Recently re-polished.


L 12 cm

W 4.5 cm