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'View Over a Mediterranean Park', French School (circa 1930s)

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'View Over a Mediterranean Park', oil on board, French School (circa 1930s). The viewer of this painting is invited to step out on its balcony to take in the beauty of the Mediterranean park below on the French Riviera. Light infused foliage, radiantly colourful leaves and stunning palms bring a smile to one's face and hope for the world. Beautifully executed by an artist from the French School, this artwork invites one to dream from that balcony under the foliage and to imagine what is beyond the image below - perhaps the Mediterranean sea itself. In good vintage condition commensurate with age. Newly framed and backed. Unsigned. Upon request, a video of the piece can be provided. 

Dimensions with Frame:

H 65 cm (25.6")

W 48 cm (18.9")

Dimensions without Frame:

H 51.7 cm (20.4")

W 34.5 cm (13.6")