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'View of San Remo' by Angelo Mucci (1937)


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'View of San Remo', oil on board, by Tuscan artist, Angelo Mucci (1937). San Remo, alternatively spelled Sanremo, is located just 30 miles from the French border. The artist painted this beautiful coastal view from an elevation in the town (the same view as in the travel poster listed with the photos). San Remo is an historic resort town on the Italian Riviera that sports one of the most famous casinos in the world. This beach-studded strip of Italy's coastline is called the Riviera dei Fiori because of the booming flower growing industry of which San Remo is the capital. In the 1800s San Remo became one of the most fashionable resort areas for the rich and famous; Tchaikovsky wrote "Eugene Onegin" there in the 1870s. The early-20th century saw San Remo peak in popularity, attracting tourists from all over Europe and opening a huge casino to rival Monte Carlo in 1905. The city is still a fashionable yet quieter destination on the Italian Riviera.

The colours of this work remain vibrant, it is in overall good vintage condition. Please view the many accompanying photos to assess the aesthetics and condition of the work. Upon request, a short video clip of the work can be provided. 

About the Artist: Angelo Mucci (born 1883 - Unknown), in Sienna, Tuscany. Very little information is available about this artist other than his works are collected internationally and become available at auction to clients of the European houses. 

Dimensions with frame:

L 37.5 cm / 14.8"

H 28 cm / 11.0"

Dimensions without frame:

L 28 cm / 11.0"

H 18 cm / 7.1"