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Two 'Chinese Earthenware Decorative Wall-Hanging Figures' (19th Century)



Two Chinese Earthenware Decorative Wall-Hanging Figures (19th century). These two pieces are intriguing. Consulted experts in Asian artworks indicate they were most likely made in Canton, China for European export in the 19th century. They admitted to having never seen the likes of these figures. Two men wear traditional Chinese headdress and ceremonial garments with armour. They are probably high-level warriors. The young man figure gestures with his right hand, the left, now empty, may have been clutching a weapon or other object from the era. The bearded figure gestures differently but his left hand is clutched in the same fashion as the other's. His head turned slightly in the other direction. Given their age and usage, these figures are in fair vintage condition. These works are pieces of Chinese history. A buyer may desire having missing fingers, garment and headdress imperfections restored. Please see accompanying photos to inspect age-caused imperfections, cracks and other signs of normal distress / wear and tear. 


H  28 cm

W 14.5 cm