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Timor Island Wooden Traditional Mask (Early 20th Century)

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Timor Island sculpted wooden traditional mask (early 20th C) on contemporary metal stand. This is a large mask of a male figure with pronounced facial features and two circular holes as eyes and decorative headdress. The island of Timor gave rise to a distinctive tradition of traditional masks whose precise origins and significance remain uncertain. Portraying both male and female ancestors, they were worn by men during dances and other ceremonies, including celebrations of victory in war. Carved sculptures and masks are specific to rural villages. Here the practice of animism, or nature-worship, is incorporated with the carving of ancestral statues and masks, which have a ritualistic function. Some occasions that call for these ceremonies may include to ask for successful crop planting, for prosperity, for good weather for the spinning of cotton, for the smooth running of village or regional affairs, for weddings and other celebrations, and for the offering of friendship and reaffirmation of allegiances through royalties or tribute along with the ever present betel nut. In fair vintage condition commensurate with age. Photos accurately reflect condition and existing blemishes or age marks. 

Dimensions with stand:

H  64 cm

W  28 cm

Dimensions without stand:

H  52 cm

W  28 cm