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'The Wines of Bergerac at the Paris Fair' by Germaine Nordmann (circa 1960s)


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'The Wines of Bergerac at the Paris Wine Fair', oil on board, by Germaine Nordmann (circa 1960s). Original title in French: 'Vins de Bergerac à la Foire de Paris'. The wines of Bergerac in the Perigord region of France are overshadowed by their vinous neighbour, the powerhouse, Bordeaux. France holds many wine fairs to both showcase regional wines and / or to award medals to the best. This charming and alluring depiction of a wine tasting table at the Paris Wine Fair of 1966 offers outstanding perspective, a painterly style and splashes of light-infused colour contrasting with the subdued backdrop. The female figure is clearly projected as a beacon of light in the otherwise somber location for this wine tasting. Her radiant pink top, red hair and cheerful gaze are a foil to the professional but uninspired gentleman who is pouring a tasting sample - analogous perhaps to the artist's own life whose energy and passion for her work is overshadowed by the male-dominated world of art, particularly in that era. In fair vintage condition, the painted surface has a number of blemishes including several horizontal and vertical chips which strip away bits of paint. However, the nature of the painting style with its thick, impasto layers means the blemishes are much less visually prominent than they otherwise would be. The work has been newly framed and backed. Unsigned however, a historic exhibition tag on the rear of the original backing appears in the accompanying photos with artist's name and details of the art but is now covered by the new backing. Upon request a video of the artwork will be provided.

About the Artist: Germaine Nordmann is an artist from the French School born in 1902 and died in 1997. Her works are collected internationally and appear for sale in major international auction houses. She is referenced in the book, 'Women Artists in Interwar France: Framing Femininities', by Paula J. Birnbaum (2011), as having showcased her works in 1938 in the FAM (Femmes Artistes Moderne) group exhibition. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 68 cm / 26.8"

W 59. 5 cm / 23.4"

Dimensions without frame:

H 53 cm / 20.9"

W 44 cm / 17.3"