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'The Wetlands' by Michel Debiève (circa 1970s)


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'The Wetlands', gouache on fine art paper, (circa 1970s) by Michel Debiève (born 1931). Often found at the edges of lakes and streams, marshes and wetlands form the transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Just as in this inspired painting, the herbaceous grasses, rushes and reeds dominate rather than woody plant species. They are at the forefront of the piece which is itself, an expression of the artist's love of nature. Viewed vertically, the wetland with its fish, the earth with its walking creatures and birds, and the sky with long-winged insects, is a microcosm of a fragile ecological system with not a human in sight to spoil it all. In good vintage condition, newly framed and glazed. Signed: 'M. Debiève' in lower righthand corner. Upon request, a video of the piece can be provided. 

About the Artist: Michel Debiève was born in 1931, along with his twin brother Raymond, in the North of France. Very early, encouraged by their father, the two young brothers discover their creative sides. After the war, their new step-father bought them their first art supplies: paints, easels and palettes. Later came formal studies at the School of Fine Arts in Valenciennes where the quality of their artwork was quickly recognised and awarded. After two years of painting stained glass for church windows in the early 1950s, the brothers went their separate ways for over 60 years. Michel painted in the very West of France in the city of Nantes and brother Raymond in Provence. Michel Debiève's artworks have been on exhibit in Paris: Galerie Mai, Galerie du Siècle, Galerie La Demeure and at La Porte Ouverte where he rubs shoulders with many renown artists. His works also form part of the collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes and Valenciennes.

Dimensions with frame:

H 63 cm / 24.8"

W 52 cm / 20.5"

Dimensions without frame:

H 54 cm / 21.3"

W 44 cm / 17.3"