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'The Three Bathers', German School (circa 1950s-70s)

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'The Three Bathers', oil on board, unsigned, German School (circa 1950s-70s), after Paul Cézanne. Although the nearby pond or lake is unseen in this depiction, the three classical figures are reposing in their natural surrounds after a refreshing dip. Here, the artist pays homage to Cézanne’s nudes who didn't conform to classical ideals of beauty. Cézanne shared Rubens' desire to portray the volume and solidity of the human body as this artist has in this work. Whatever their form, there is something uplifting in seeing humans completely at ease in nature. The women seem contemplative and serenely interconnected with their surroundings: the trees on the bank, the plants sprouting from the earth and the birds in the sky. This artwork effortlessly transports the viewer to the same place. The piece has been beautifully re-framed with a linen slip. It is in fair-to-good vintage condition commensurate with age. There is a very slight blemish in the form of a nick in the paint in the lower right hand corner of the painting. The work is unsigned. Please carefully view the accompanying photos to best assess the work's condition and style. Upon request, a short video clip of the artwork may be provided.

Dimensions with frame:

H 34.0 cm / 13.4"

W 38.5 cm / 15.2"

Dimensions without frame:

H 20.5 cm / 8.1"

W 25.5 cm / 10.0"