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'The Sculptor' by Albert Raybaud (1934)

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'The Sculptor', oil on board, by Albert Raybaud (1934). An early 20th century sculptor chisels at a large stone in his workshop. Unsure whether the figure is creating art or is a craftsman in his French village fabricating something for everyday use, it doesn't matter. The image is compelling as a vignette from the 1930s. In classic impressionist style, the artist uses large, bold strokes of the brush with harmonious colours to depict the figure at work. The artist has also wonderfully captured the light in the atelier particularly as it is reflected back from the stone, his work table and clothing. A very charming piece in good vintage condition. There is a small blemish in the lower lefthand corner near the artist's signature which does not affect the overall impression of the work. Newly framed with linen slip. Signed: 'Raybaud Albert 1934'. Upon request, a video of the piece will be provided.

About Albert Raybaud: XIX - XX century artist from the French School. 

Dimensions with Frame:

H 52 cm / 20.5"

W 43.5 cm / 17.1"

Dimensions Without Frame:

H 34 cm / 13.4"

W 25 cm / 9.8"