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'The Picador' by Pierre Ambrogiani (c. 1940s)

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'The Picador', watercolour on paper (c. 1940s), by Pierre Ambrogiani (1907 - 1985). In the original days before bullfighting became recognisable in today's form, the picador was the central attraction and his name would be billed on the promotional flyers. In these bullfights the bull would charge the horse and the spectacle was watching the rider's skill in protecting his horse whilst lancing the bull. The picador would lance the bull as many times as necessary. The matador and other bullfighters were on hand to help the picador, to direct the bull to the picador, and finally to finish off the injured bull. It was not until certain on-foot bullfighters started to bring some flair to their minor roles, to the pleasure of the crowd, that matadors started to become the main attraction, ultimately relegating the picador to a relatively unpopular and minor function. Notwithstanding the status of bullfighting today, this is a colourfully dramatic work of art. Ambrogiani records this piece of history with his signature flare. Painting in excellent vintage condition commensurate with its medium and age. Newly framed and reglazed. Certificate of Authenticity provided from the 'Comité Pierre Ambrogiani'. A short video of this piece can also be provided upon request.

About the Artist: Pierre Ambrogiani (1907 - 1985) was born in Ajaccio, Corsica. He grew up in the port of Marseille, where at the age of 12 he became a telegraph boy. It was not until 1937 that Ambrogiani decided to devote his life to art, like his brothers Pascal and Toussaint (who worked as Toussaint d'Orcino) and sister Helene. Pierre was an expressionist known for his wild, colourful palette of vibrant still-lifes and Provençal landscapes. He received the Prix International de la Biennale de Menton in 1951, the Grand Prix des Peintres Temoins de leur Temps in 1967, and the Prix du Gemail in 1968. In 1962, he was commissioned to decorate the Immaculate Conception of Marseille church with frescoes and stained glass windows. A major retrospective of his art was held at the Musee de la Vieille Charite de Marseille in 1973, with an important catalogue created for the occasionA prolific artist, Ambrogiani created more than 1500 paintings, seven sculptures, 1200 drawings and watercolours and 300 prints over his lifetime. His works are exhibited and collected worldwide and have sold widely at major auction houses over the decades.

Dimensions with frame:

H   50 cm

W  42 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  27.7 cm

W  21.3 cm