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'The Oyster Shucker' by Unknown (1860)

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'The Oyster Shucker', mixed media on board, by Unknown (1860). This delightful artwork was discovered in Spain in a heavily blemished ancient frame, most likely its original. It has since been beautifully re-framed and glazed. It depicts a group of fishermen and onlookers, barefoot on the beach, surrounding a fisherman's wife who is conversing with a yellow-hatted man shucking oysters. It's a charming slice of pictorial history. Unfortunately, the original artist's name is no longer legible however, the year of its creation is still visible ('60). This is a real conversation piece and the perfect work to occupy that bare niche in your home. In very good vintage condition commensurate with its age. 

Dimensions with frame:

H  35 cm

W  29.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  15 cm

W  10 cm