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'The Mirror' by Gaetano Bocchetti (c. 1960s)

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'The Mirror', oil on canvas, in original giltwood frame, by Gaetano Bocchetti (1888 - 1990) from Naples, Italy. He dropped out of medical school after being accepted to the Neapolitan School of Fine Arts. Bocchetti left a tremendous body of work: lush Italian landscapes, still-lifes and intimate portraits of people on their own, mostly women. Bocchetti's frescoes grace the walls of churches and his paintings hang in museums and in private international collections that periodically come to auction at the major houses. Bocchetti died in 1990 having lived until he was 102.  

This painting captures its subject, a ballerina in front of the vanity mirror, fixing flowers in her hair readying for a performance. The work is beautifully and expensively framed originating from a sumptuous estate in Milan, Italy and pairs with Bocchetti's, Woman Alone with Her Thoughts, also available on this site. Excellent vintage condition. Signed: << G Bocchetti >>

Dimensions with frame:

66 x 56 cm

Dimensions without frame:

38 x 28 cm