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'The Lovers on the Park Bench' by Simon (circa 1950s)

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'The Lovers on the Park Bench', oil on canvas, signed 'Simon', an artist in the 'Ecole de Paris' movement, circa 1950s. A large work with significant presence, this painting depicts two lovers on a bench staring lovingly at each other. On a break from their performances in the park, their white face paint, a trademark of French mimes, is applied to help bring their characters to life and express their emotions without words. Just as in their performances, their faces say it all. While the lovers are illuminated in the sun's natural spotlight, the other figures in the artwork are in shadows, seemingly unearthly, because, to the two lovers, they are the only ones that matter in that moment. The artist shows masterly execution of the portrayal of light on the figures and the park bench and it is a centrepiece of the work. The painting is in fair vintage condition. Commensurate with its age, there are signs of minor blistering and a spot of paint loss which, when viewed as a whole, does not affect the overall impression of the art. Signed: 'Simon' in lower right hand corner. A video clip of the piece may be provided upon request. 

Dimensions with frame:

H  95.5 cm

W  115.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H   80 cm

W  100 cm