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'The Harlequin' by Rudolf Kundera (1944)


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'The Harlequin', watercolour on paper, by Rudolf Kundera (1944). Arlecchino is the best-known of the comic servant characters from the commedia dell'arteA harlequin is characterised by his chequered costume. His role is that of a light-hearted, nimble, and astute servant, often acting to thwart the plans of his master, and pursuing his own love interest with wit and resourcefulness. He develops into a prototype of the romantic hero. Harlequin inherits his physical agility and his trickster qualities as well as his name from a mischievous 'devil' character in medieval passion plays. The artist, Kundera, was known for painting characters from the circus and theatre. The artwork is in good vintage condition, is newly framed and glazed, and signed 'Kundera' in the lower right hand corner. Please view the accompanying photos carefully to best assess the condition and delightful style of the piece. Upon request, a short video clip may be provided. 

About the Artist: Rudolf Kundera (1911-2005), was a Czech / French painter who studied at the Prague Academy and received the 1937 Prix de Rome. It was at the initiative of Alphonse Mucha that he left in 1930 to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague where he graduated in 1936. He then obtained a scholarship to Rome where he created a series of paintings for churches, as well as landscapes and portraits. Near the beginning of the Second World War he fled to Paris in 1939. To flee the occupation he left for the South of France where he was received by Countess Lily Pastré in Marseille who hosted many artists. A realist painter, he is best known as a dedicated colourist and for his landscapes of Provence, folkloric scenes of Moravia, paintings inspired by the circus, and portraits of many personalities of his time. He exhibited widely around the world and his works are now found in museums, many galleries and private international collections.

Dimensions with Frame:

H 66 cm / 26.0"

W 50.5 cm / 19.9"

Dimensions without Frame:

H 53 cm / 20.9"

W 38 cm / 15.0"