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'The Fisherman', French School (circa 1950s)


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'The Fisherman', oil on canvas, French School (circa 1950s). A delightfully colourful depiction of a young fisherman admiring his considerable catch, a large fish which requires both hands to steady. The artist portrays the fisherman with traditional Provencal hat, his feet just emerging from the water. It's a lighthearted image but one painted clearly with sentimentality and high regard for its subject. Discovered in the South of France, the painting is newly framed with linen slip. It is in good vintage condition commensurate with age. Unsigned. Upon request a video of the piece can be provided. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 30 cm / 11.8"

W 24 cm / 9.4"

Dimensions without frame:

H 20 cm / 7.9"

W 14.5 cm / 5.7"