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'The Family' by Carlo Striccoli (c. 1960s)

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'The Family' by Carlo Striccoli (1897-1980), oil on board (c. 1960s). We believe this piece is one of his best works of art. The figures in the painting lead the observer to imagine a myriad of family scenarios. There is seated grandmother, with mother and the two children in their back garden. Mother is the centre of this family and that is reflected here literally in the painting. The colours - greens, yellows, blues and whites - all come together splendidly in the creation. The mother's dress is a festival of colours. One thing is certain - this is an inspiring painting of magnificent colour and composition and its original frame, characterful in its own right, just adds to its charm and value. Signed <<Striccoli>> in lower right hand corner.  

About the Artist: Striccoli was the son of an Italian architect in a family that cared greatly for beauty and aesthetics, art and music. Given his background and formal art education, Striccoli's instincts pulled him in other directions. With this transformation Striccoli's paintings became very personal and intimate in line with his sensitive nature.  

Dimensions with frame:

H  80 cm

W  70 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  58 cm

W  48 cm