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'The Face' by Maurice Cadou-Rocher (1960)

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'The Face', varnished gouache on paper (1960) by Maurice Cadou-Rocher (1940 - 2014). Like Picasso, many of Cadou-Rocher's artworks have taken inspiration from ethnic masks - almost to an obsessive point. This piece takes form from its white brush strokes which outline and contour the facial features. They have been filled in with black and small speckles or splotches of paint. The overall effect is magnificent and has been sealed with varnish to give it a discernible but subtle sheen. Entirely original and very collectible. In very good vintage condition, newly framed with mount and newly glazed. Initialed by the artist in the lower righthand corner: 'M R 60'. Upon request a video of the piece will be provided.

About the Artist: Mauritius (Maurice) Cadou-Rocher (1940 - 2014), born in Nantes, France, was a self-taught artist influenced by cubism and surrealism. He created unusual, even strange images unrelated to the reality usually perceived. His unbridled imagination was haunted by faces with which he filled his canvases. In 1969 he joined the group "ARCHIPEL" consisting of 9 painters with very different styles but with whom he exhibited. Cadou-Rocher worked using a very personal technique which included materials such as wax, glue and water, or mixing them together emphasising his artwork's often graphic qualities. His finely-crafted palette transcended his gifts as a colourist. His experimentation with materials and chromatic effects made his works immediately identifiable and authentic. Later in his career his art evolved into wood carving where the same heads and faces from his painting took form in the three dimensions. The artist enjoyed an uninterrupted career of 55 years of creativity, research and evolution. He passed away in 2014. He was awarded the 1971 Laffont Price by the City of Nantes, France and the 1965 Grand Prize for painting by the French Riviera Centre for Artistic Dissemination.  

Dimensions with frame:

H 42 cm / 16.5"

W 35.5 cm / 14"

Dimensions without frame:

H 28 cm / 11.0"

W 22 cm / 8.7"