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'The Dancers' Triptych Attributed to Roger Mouly, French School (circa 1950s - 60s)


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'The Dancers', gouache on paper, attributed to Roger Mouly, French School (circa 1950s-60s). Behind the scenes, trainee dancers in the corps de ballet put in endless hours of practice and manage constant physical training alongside rehearsals and performances. While there is no typical schedule, during performance season a dancer might be working his technique for several hours a day, working on other fitness programs, rehearsing choreography, and running through staging and costume fittings, all followed by a performance in the evening. The qualities of flexibility, rhythm, perseverance and endurance are taught from an early age. Extremely challenging, young men who pursue careers as danseurs, or male ballet dancers, are highly likely to be stigmatised and bullied at school — and home — outcasts in a society that only sees ballet as feminine. Never mind that dancers train as hard as the most extreme athletes. They rely on each other for support  - sometimes literally - as these dancers are depicted. Beautifully inspired, the genius in these works lies in their astounding simplicity characterised by a well thought out line or brush stroke.

This gallery acquired three gouache works on paper together from a reliable art source in the South of France. They were originally framed together - essentially a triptych - but are now separated emphasising their individuality while maintaining their synergy as a set. The artworks are unsigned and are in good vintage condition commensurate with age. They have been re-framed separately but are sold as a set.

About the Artist: Roger MOULY (French) artist and sculptor. Regrettably there is very little information available about the artist to whom these works are attributed. Documented signed works by the artist in the 1930s do exist and provide one an idea of his age / era. 

Dimensions with frames (all frame heights are the same):

H 68 cm / 26.8"

W1 46.5 cm /18.3"      W2 39.5 cm / 15.6"           W3 40.5 cm / 15.9"

Dimensions without frames (all drawing heights are the same):

H1 55 cm / 21.7" 

W1 35 cm / 13.8" .      W2 28 cm / 11.0" .           W3 29 cm / 11.4"