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'The Box' by Vanzi (circa 1960s)

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'The Box', mixed-media on canvas by Italian artist by the name of Vanzi, (circa 1960s). Discovered in the Tuscan region of Italy, this intriguing painting of a very stylishly dressed young woman holding a box makes one pause for understanding. Her gaze is anxious, the eyes look away from the viewer. Has she received an unwanted gift from a person for whom she has no feelings? Has someone entered the room just at an awkward moment as she is about to open the box? What's in the box? Regrettably, we will be left to speculate as information about the artist is lacking. There is no denying however, this painting is engaging, the colours vivid and the story compelling. In good vintage condition showing some wear on the far edges of the canvas commensurate with its age. Newly framed. Signed in the lower right hand corner: 'Vanzi'. Upon request a video of the artwork can be provided. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 72 cm / 28.3"

W 52.8 cm / 20.8"

Dimensions without frame:

H 70 cm / 27.6"

W 50 cm / 19.7"