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'The Book' by Jacques Petit (circa 1960s)

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'The Book', oil, gouache and pencil on art paper, by Jacques Petit (circa 1960s). A young lady sets aside reading her book to contemplate a passage that resonates with her life. It has touched her so much that she can't read further. She is compelled to look away. Sometimes it is these moments which fill one with regrets...or which make life worth living. One can only surmise as to which direction this is going. Whatever the case, it is a touching, colourful portrait of a moment in time which may alter the direction of this person's life. The image is melancholy and inspiring all at once. In good vintage condition commensurate with age. Newly framed and glazed. Signed 'Jacques Petit' in lower lefthand corner. Upon request a video of the artwork will be provided. 

About the Artist: Jacques Petit (born 1925), loves colour...and cats. He attended France's École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. He was pushed by renowned art critic, George Besson, to exhibit his paintings which he did...all over France, then Europe, Chicago and San Francisco, in Canada and in Japan. World famous museums in Paris, Chicago, Djakarta and so many others have Petit's artworks in their collections. Petit is in his 90s now and still has a brush in his hand, not to feed his ego, but instead, because of his desperate optimism. Petit brings his canvases to his studio, he fusses with them, he tweaks them...he reviews them a hundred times. The canvas must sing. He wants his artworks to make the viewer forget the world's troubles and join another carefree world where only gardens are left along with an explosion of floral colour and the peaceful joy that comes with being with friends (Françoise Desbiez in 'Jacques Petit', Nov 2016). 

Dimensions with frame:

H 68 cm / 26.8"

W 57.5 cm 22.6"

Dimensions without frame:

H 52.5 cm / 20.7"

W 42.5 cm / 16.7"