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'Still Life with Sea Urchins and Mussels' by Pierre Fournel (1961)

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'Still Life with Sea Urchins and Mussels', oil on board (1961) by Pierre Fournel, (1924 -     ). Lusciously painted, black spiny sea urchins show their radiantly colourful orange and reddish interiors arranged in front of a curiously-placed glass, and to the side, of sea-blue mussels. This collection of things is juxtaposed by the whiteness of the newspaper print upon which it sits and which protects the tabletop from the dankness of the sea creatures. The irregular surface of the board upon which the work was painted adds complexity and texture to the art as does the impasto technique which conspicuously accentuates the artist's brush and palette-knife strokes. 

The artwork is in very good vintage condition commensurate with age. Newly framed with linen slip. Signed: 'Pierre Fournel 61'. Short video of the item is available upon request. 

About the Artist: Pierre Fournel (1924 -     ) Born in Rodez, in the South of France, in a family of craftsmen embroiderers, Pierre Fournel started drawing early on in his childhood. After studying at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he was appointed professor of art in Montpellier in 1950. His enduring works depicted the villages and landscapes to which he was attached. His later art, starting from the 1970s, saw the introduction of external elements such as crumpled paper, sand and earth seeking to integrate those materials to obtain the impression of timeless erosion; perhaps a statement on the endurance of nature over the fleeting passage of human existence on earth. 

Fournel's artworks periodically go on sale in some of the major international auction houses. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 30 cm

W 41.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H 20.5 cm

W 31 cm