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'Still Life with Raven, Lemon and Wine Bottle' by Vicenç Caraltó (1959)

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Oil on board, framed, still life with raven and wine bottle (1959) by Vicenç Caraltó (1939 - 1995). 

Vicenç Caraltó i Salvà was a Spanish Catalan painter, draftsman and engraver born in Barcelona. His first work was shown in 1959, the year this work was completed. 

His works were mainly based on the human body using very precise drawing techniques and excellent illustration, and influenced to a certain extent by Picasso with respect to the expression of ideas and images with symbolic content.  

This is a particularly distinctive painting inviting the viewer to speculate on the symbols depicted - perhaps while under the influence, Caraltó, who only lived to be 56 years old - was ruminating on the sometimes bitterness of life and contemplating his mortality which was away in the distance but still within clear view?  Signed: << Caraltó 59 >> in excellent vintage condition. 

Dimensions with frame:

67 x 52 cm

Dimensions without frame:

64 x 49 cm