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'Still Life with Fruit' by Juliane Solignac (1968)


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'Still Life with Fruit', oil on board (1968), by Juliane Solignac. An engaging yet unusual artwork with vibrant colours, thickly applied with a painting knife. Nonetheless, through the thick paint there is an unfinished quality to the work leaving the impression that the raw canvas - or board in this case - is revealed. Some of the colour seems to have been scored on to the work with an artist's knife leaving lines and creating angles as in a cubist painting. There are layers of paint with no evident brush strokes. One may believe in this instance, Madame Solignac used this technique to create a visual effect which would deliberately have upset traditionalists. Be reminded that the Impressionists were criticised for creating patchy, incomplete works because there were strong notions about the correct way to paint in those days. Picasso once said, 'To finish a work is to kill it.' It is unsure how Mme Solignac would have felt about that. Regardless of this conjecture, the painting is colourful, compelling and rewards the viewer with a curious interest. The work is in fair vintage condition, newly framed with a linen slip. It is signed: 'Julian Solignac 68'. 

About the Artist: Juliane Solignac (born 1904). Regrettably, there is not much information available about the artist (including what year she may have died). She is referenced as a resident artist in Montmartre in the 1930s, one of only a handful of women in an otherwise sea of male names. In addition, Solignac is mentioned in both French and Dutch references as a creator of fabrics. These may have been more artistic 'tapis' which are hung on the wall like a painting. A Dutch museum references having one of her designs in their collection. Here is a quote from the magazine, 'COTE', Edition Nº 9 (March 2009): "Until 20 April, Pierre Frey is exhibiting 50 printed fabric works from their own collection dating from 1936 to today. Most were produced in liaison with artists like Jean Chatanay, Irène Rohr, Juliane Solignac, Rieffel Anossof, Janine Janet and Jean- Denis Malclès."

Dimensions with frame:

H 39 cm / 15.4"

W 51 cm / 20.1"

Dimensions without frame:

H 25.5 cm / 10.0"

W 37.5 cm / 14.8"