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'Still Life with Bouquet and French Door', French School (circa 1970s)

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'Still Life with Bouquet and French Door', oil on canvas (circa 1970s), French School. Reminiscent of a scene from a Matisse painting, this stunning still life depicts a completely tranquil setting that has the effect of easing you effortlessly of all your worries. It is expressionist in style with sun-drenched colours that transports you to the Riviera in the South of France. From the small scene depicted here, one can imagine the splendour of the home in which it sits and the azure skies and warmth outdoors. In good vintage condition commensurate with age. The work is unsigned. The original frame incorporates its many characterful blemishes, scrapes, nicks and scratches attesting to its lively history. Upon request a video of the piece will be provided. 

Dimensions with frame:

W 70 cm / 27.6"

H 54 cm / 21.3"

Dimensions without frame:

W 53.5 cm / 21.1"

H 37 cm / 14.6"