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'Still Life with Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe' by Miller (circa 1940s - 50s)

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'Still Life with Bottle, Newspaper and Pipe', oil on board (circa 1940s - 1950s), by Miller. A restrained use of colour in this cubist homage to one of the founders of the movement, Georges Braque (1882 - 1963). Cubism started with Braque and Picasso (1891 - 1973) in the early 20th century. Together, then separately, they developed a revolutionary new style of painting which transformed everyday objects, landscapes, and people into geometric shapes. They in turn took inspiration from the work of Cezanne who created paintings with multiple perspectives. This work by Miller uses quadrants and geometric shapes in solid earth tones and black to emphasise the flatness of the canvas yet retain the solidity of the objects being painted. Regrettably, there is no record of this artist other than they lived in Berlin in the period after WWII. In very good vintage condition - newly framed with linen slip. Signed: 'Miller' in the lower left hand corner. A video clip of this piece may be provided upon request. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 37 cm

W 29 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H 27.5 cm

W 19.5 cm