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'Still Life on Table Top' by Nicole Yzon (circa 1940s)


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'Still Life on Table Top, oil on canvas, by French artist, Nicole Yzon (circa 1940s). A second sizable work held by this gallery from this artist beautifully depicting a variety of colourful everyday items - vases with flowers, a candle holder, a pestle and mortar and an old bottle arranged on a crowded table top. There are vibrant hues of yellow, green, blue and red and many others. Together the composition is calming and is a wonderful pair to its mate, also listed with our gallery. A colourful piece with characterful provenance. The painting is in good vintage condition commensurate with age and is newly framed in a tray. It is signed 'Nicole Yzon' in the lower right hand corner. Upon request, a video of the piece can be provided. 

About the Artist: Nicole Yzon was a university art professor in the town of Albi, France. The painting was acquired from an estate sale whose owners indicated the artist never sold a painting. She preferred giving them away as she lived quite comfortably on her salary as an art professor. The town of Albi is on the Tarn River in southern France, northeast of Toulouse. The Musée Toulouse-Lautrec, honours the Albi-born painter there.

Dimensions with tray frame:

H 75 cm / 29.5"

W 94 cm / 37.0"

Dimensions without tray frame:

H 74 cm / 29.1"

W 93 cm / 36.6"