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'Cubist Still Life on Table' by Unknown (c. 1950s)

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'Cubist Still Life on Table', oil on canvas, by an unknown artist appearing to be P. Delagone* (c. 1950s). Discovered in Italy, this cubist still life depicts objects from the ordinary. Fruits, a wine bottle and glasses, a book, and what seems to be a violin or other stringed instrument lie on a large circular table. The painting is in quadrants of colour: earth, brown, red and a very subtle shade of green. Certainly reminiscent of Picasso and Braque, this painting is a delight and harks back to the era when cubism was in vogue. A modern piece such as this one, especially so well executed, will never go out of style and perfect for that bare niche in your home or office. In excellent vintage condition. Newly framed. Signed* in lower right hand (signature difficult to decipher but appears to be): 'P Delogane'.

Dimensions with frame:

H  32.5 cm

W  52.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  28.7 cm

W  48.8 cm