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Set of Two Historical Pencil Drawings of Early 20th Century Paris (circa 1900)


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Set of two historical pencil drawings on art paper of early 20th-century Paris (circa 1900). Discovered in the South of France, these two pencil drawings have neatly recorded vignettes of Parisian life in the early 1900s. Horse-drawn carts and carriages, market stands, restaurants and animated streets combine to capture Paris of that era. One drawing shows a large advertising sign for 'Biscuits Pernot'. As an aside, this is one of the oldest biscuit / cookie brands in France and the first which achieved industrial scale production by 1870. With a factory in Dijon, it was the largest employer in the city. The brand lasted until 1963 when they were bought out by their competitor.

Quite unmistakably, these drawings have a definite character and quality about them. Perhaps they were studies for larger works. One of the pieces has a splash of colour leaving an unfinished look, as if the artist was experimenting for the masterpiece. As is often the case with drawings such as these, the artist left them unsigned not having contemplated the possibility they would be of interest to those left behind. Noting the quality of the drawings, one is tempted to imagine they are by an artist who is very well know, even today. If requested, a video clip of the works may be provided. In fair vintage condition commensurate with age. Both drawings have been re-framed and re-glazed. One of the works (with colour) has a rust stain from an old paper clip visible on the lower right hand corner and minor yellowing in the lower left hand side of the paper. In addition, there is some writing visible in reverse in the lower right hand corner when held up to the light. This may be the only clue to its origins for one who would like to decipher the puzzle. It is waiting to be unraveled. 

Dimensions of Drawing 1 (with colour) with frame:

H 30 cm (11.8")

W 34 cm (13.4")

Dimensions Drawing 1 (with colour) without frame:

H 19 cm (7.5")

W 23.3 cm (9.2")

Dimensions of Drawing 2 with frame:

H 30 cm (11.8")

W 36 cm (14.2")

Dimensions Drawing 2 without frame:

H 19 cm (7.5")

W 25 cm (9.8")