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Set of Three Stylised Travertine Anteater Card Holders by Mannelli Brothers (circa 1970s)


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Stylised travertine anteater card or letter holder set by Mannelli brothers (circa 1970s). Designed by Italians, Fratelli Mannelli, these charming pieces have loads of character and will delight collectors and those who love beautiful objects. They are not only visually alluring with soft minimalist curves and lines, but tactile as well. They may be displayed as sculptural works or used functionally on top of your desk. In good vintage condition commensurate with age. Upon request, a video of the pieces may be provided. 

About the Artists: The Mannelli brothers created wonderful pieces from Travertine, a form of limestone found in several places in Europe. In Italy it is located in the heart of the Province of Siena, in the quaint village of Rapolano Terme. Not all pieces are signed or marked. If you see these pieces marked with 'Raymor', this was the label of the American importer of the Brothers Mannelli's pieces. Fratelli Mannelli also designed for Marble Art, from Marta in the Province of Viterbo in the region of Latium, Italy. 

Dimensions of Largest Piece:

H 9 cm (3.5")

L 30 cm (11.8")

D 4 cm (1.6")