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Set of Three Bronze Owl Table Sculptures (Circa 1970s)

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Set of three bronze owl table sculptures (circa 1970s). Owls are associated with wisdom, with the goddess Athena, and the night. Their large eyes are on the front of their heads rather than on their sides like other birds. This gives them a human quality and perhaps, the attribute of wisdom. Owls have a restrained beauty. They are quiet, seemingly peaceful animals yet fly silently towards their prey as the fierce hunters they truly are. It is no surprise that people from all over the world collect owls in many forms for all of the reasons above and many more. Owls have even figured prominently in the art of Pablo Picasso. His chance encounter with an injured owl in Antibes, France, would send ripples through his visual language, providing a major motif through the 50s and 60s, particularly in his ceramics (Sotheby's). These very weighty, stylised bronzed owls are clearly from the same family yet each is unique. They would surely be conversation pieces in both the home and work space. In good vintage condition. Weight of set is 6.4 kg. Unsigned. A short video of the pieces can be provided upon request. 

Dimensions of three owls in height:

H Large 18 cm

H Med   14 cm

H Sml    8.5 cm