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Set of Three Brass Decorative Leaves / Trays by David Marshall (circa 1980s)


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Set of three brass decorative leaves / trays by David Marshall (circa 1980s). Weighty (three combined weigh 5.6 kg / 12.3 lbs), stunning and wonderfully tactile, these brass leaves may be used decoratively in many settings in your home or workspace. Original maker's mark (DM) on top surface of all three leaves. They are in in fair vintage condition with characterful marks and blemishes consistent with its production, age and usage. Upon request, a video of the piece may be provided. Please see detailed photos accompanying this listing.

About the Artist: More than fifty years ago, attracted by the climate, light and magnificent scenery David Marshall left his native Scotland, settled in southern Spain and commenced his artistic career. Inspired by the mountainous surroundings and all the detritus of nature – David developed a thriving design business working with institutional and private clients worldwide. His metal works from the 1970s and 80s have become iconic and are now seriously collectible pieces.  

Dimensions (from largest to smallest):

L 46, 31, 28.5 cm / 18.1", 12.2", 11.2" 

W 23, 16.5, 13 cm / 9.1", 6.5", 5.1"

H 5, 6.5, 3 cm / 2.0", 2.6", 1.2"