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'Scenic Landscape Overlook' by Yves Amelin (circa 1970s)



Scenic Landscape Overlook, crayon on brown paper, by French artist, Yves Amelin (circa 1970s). Executed completely in bright coloured crayons, this is a surprisingly sophisticated modern work of art which belies one's initial impression that it was created by a child. Yellow flowered fields, green grassy patches, winding paths and blue skies all figure in this engaging landscape. Newly framed and glazed, this work is in very good vintage condition. Signed: 'Yves Amelin' (ostensibly dedicated to a person named Marie Jo but that is uncertain). Upon request, a video of this artwork may be communicated to clients wishing to view in context.

Dimensions with frame:

H  38.5 cm

W  47 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  25.5 cm

W  35.5 cm