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'Rocky Shore Audresselles, France' by Marcel Degueldre (c. 1930s)


Rocky Shore Audresselles, France, pastel on fine paper, in original frame, by Marcel Degueldre (Lifetime of artist uncertain but references to his studying at the Ecole de Binche and then teaching at the Brussels School of Fine Arts in the very early 20th century have been found) as well as stated on the rear of the painting itself.  The work is stunning, the colours true and the execution impeccable.  The scene is most likely the Cap Gris Nez near Audresselles, in Northern France's Pas de Calais region.  This painting is undated but signed: << M Degueldre >> in very good vintage condition. 

Dimensions with frame:

68 x 59 cm

Dimensions without frame:

44 x 35 cm