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'Reviens!' by Elisabeth Hoffova (circa 1960s)


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'Reviens!' (Come back!), gouache on fine art paper (circa 1960s) by Elisabeth Hoffova. Another unique, mid-century modernist painting with vivid colours, impeccable technique and intriguing subject matter by the artist. 'Come back!' depicts two figures - a man and a woman, a couple. The man, dressed in dull grey has a distant, indifferent gaze and gestures away, to the outside and a new life. His wife / lover is nude and beckons in his direction, craving the intimacy they once shared. Perhaps the relationship is salvageable, perhaps not. The lighting fixtures hang like clouds over their love, the colours adding an element of hope. This gallery holds other related works by Hoffova in the same style. Together they would be ideal to form a small, coherent collection. You are encouraged to inquire about the other works. This particular piece is in fair vintage condition with some blemishing evident on the art paper in the form of spotting.  Signed in the lower lefthand: 'Hoffova' The original characterful frame has cracks, splits and nicks commensurate with age and is glazed. Please look at the many accompanying photos carefully to appreciate the work and its condition. Upon request a video of the piece can be provided. 

About the Artist: Elisabeth Hoffova French / Russian (born 1922). Hoffova's work is recognised for its originality and creativity. She is widely collected with listings at the major international auction houses. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 40 cm / 15.7"

W 45 cm / 17.7"

Dimensions without frame:

H 20 cm / 7.9"

W 25 cm / 9.8"