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Rare Large Black Ceramic Coq Plate by Roger Capron (1950s)

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An absolutely stunningly beautiful rare decorative ceramic plate with French Coq (c. 1950s) by ceramicist Roger Capron (1922 - 2006).  Capron founded the craft-based workshop in Vallauris, France, l'Atelier Callis, where his creations contributed to a veritable renaissance of pottery and ceramics.  Capron left behind a considerable body of internationally acclaimed works and is collected worldwide and sold at fine auctions. This rare black-background ceramic plate is a work of art discovered in Provence in the S. of France.  It depicts a large French colourful coq in Capron's inimitable style.  The piece is in good vintage condition which, upon close inspection, shows some repaired blemishes that are well concealed.  Its condition is consistent with its age and use. This is classic Capron at his best and most creative and is highly desirable.


30 cm (11.8")


6 cm (2.4")