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Rare Ceramic 'Eared' Vase (Vase à Oreilles) with Horse by Roger Capron (1950s)



A stylised vase (1950's) by ceramicist Roger Capron (1922 - 2006) who founded the craft-based workshop in Vallauris, France, l'Atelier Callis, where his creations contributed to a veritable renaissance of pottery and ceramics. Capron left behind a considerable body of internationally acclaimed works and is collected worldwide. This ceramic 'eared' vase (Vase à Oreilles) with a beautiful depiction of a strutting horse groomed for parade is in excellent condition. The unaffected painting style may have been inspired by the images of horses found on ancient wall caves in the French town of Lascaux. In any case, it is magnificent, uplifting and 100% collectible.  


H 15 cm

W 15 cm

D 15 cm