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'Profile of a Seated Man' by Unknown (Circa 1940s - 1950s)

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'Profile of a Seated Man', oil on board, by unknown artist (circa 1940s - 1950s). Inspired by the cubists such as Picasso and Braque, this work depicts a seated man in profile. As in other cubist works, objects and people are portrayed from various angles abandoning traditional artistic perspectives. The artist here uses his creative energy to produce a very original and colourful piece in this post WWII era interpretation of the cubist movement. Acquired in Northern Italy, this artwork is from the 'School of Berlin' and has been newly framed with a linen slip insert. In excellent vintage condition commensurate with its age. Unsigned. 

Dimensions including frame:

H  46.5 cm

W  37 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  33.5 cm

W  24 cm