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'Prism' by S. Bartyn (c. 1950s)

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'Prism' (c. 1950s) by S. Bartyn, oil on board. This German geometric abstract work from the city of Berlin dates from the era just after World War II. Unfortunately no record of the artist is accessible. Left behind however, are colourful cubes, rectangles, triangles and a myriad of shapes which seem to lie one on top of the other. This creates a layered plane yet with a central focus. White, black, yellow and various shades of red create the effect which makes the viewer feel they are entering a space and being enveloped by the walls of colour. In very good vintage condition commensurate with age. In original frame. New hanging wire attached. Signed in the lower right hand corner, 'S. Bartyn'.

Dimensions with frame:

H  45.5 cm

W  45.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  33.5 cm

W  33.5 cm