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'Portrait of Reposing Woman' by RG (circa 1940s - 1960s)

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'Portrait of Reposing Woman' by RG, (School of Berlin, circa 1940s - 1960s). Our gallery has access to a cache of paintings from Berlin from the 1940s - 1960s. In this case, it is a splendid portrait of a woman whose curves are juxtaposed by the angles and geometric shapes of this cubist work. Even without visible facial features, the beauty and grace of the sitting figure are apparent. Painted with the warmer hues of the spectrum it imparts elegance and tranquility. This artwork was surely inspired by the cubists such as Picasso and Braque as its composition attests. The artist, RG, lived in Berlin in the period after WWII. This fact may account for the artist initialing their works rather than using their full name. One must remember that under Soviet-controlled East Berlin after the war, this type of art was considered a radical departure from the 'authorised' socialist realism. Notwithstanding this, there is a warmth and impressive artistic quality to the work which speaks to the viewer. It has been reframed with linen slip and is in good vintage condition. Initialed: 'RG' in lower lefthand corner. A short video clip of the piece may be provided upon request.

Dimensions with frame:

H 81 (31.9")

W 71.5 (28.1")

Dimensions without frame:

H 62.5 (24.6")

W 53.5 (21.1")