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'Portrait of Mysterious Women' by Unknown (Circa 1940s - 1960s)

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'Portrait of Mysterious Women', oil on board, by unknown artist (circa 1940s - 1960s). Doubtless inspired by Picasso and the pre and post-WWII cubist movement, this painting portrays two faceless women in front of the viewer. Without a face and without eyes, they can't return the gaze. Perhaps that is what they prefer. This mysterious but delightful painting epitomises the enchanting aspects of femininity, rich with a gentle sensitivity. The angles, curves, soft lighting and muted tones give depth to the image. From the 'School of Berlin', this unique artwork is in very good vintage condition in a new frame with linen slip. We understand this artist most likely lived in Berlin in the period after WWII. This fact probably accounts for the work being unsigned. One has to remember this type of art was considered a radical departure from the 'authorised' realism of the Soviet era. A short video clip of this work may be provided upon request.

Dimensions with frame:

H 34 cm (13.4")

W 44 cm (17.3")

Dimensions without frame:

H 21 cm (8.3")

W 30 cm (12")