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'Portrait of a Sunbathing Nude' by G.D.S. (circa 1940s - 1950s)

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'Portrait of a Sunbathing Nude', oil on board, by artist with the initials GDS (circa 1940s - 1950s). A cubist beauty sunbathes on the beach. The sun is warm, the sand is hot and a cool breeze blows over the subject. The hues of yellow, orange, red and blue tempt you to book the next flight to the Riviera. In the meantime you can enjoy the mood year round with this work on your wall. Certainly inspired by Pablo Picasso's cubist works, GDS lived or worked in Berlin in the period after WWII. Their full name remains a mystery but the quality of the work is unquestionable. The piece is in very good vintage condition commensurate with its age and has been newly framed. Initialed: 'G.D.S.' in lower right hand corner. 

Dimensions with frame:

H  34 cm

W  28 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  21.5 cm

W  16.5 cm