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'Portrait of a Post-Cubist Woman' by Raymond Dèbieve (circa 1960s)

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'Portrait of a Post-Cubist Woman', gouache on paper (circa 1960s), by Raymond Dèbieve (1931 - 2011). A pattern of mysterious Egyptian-inspired eyes dominate the right side of this painting. The subject is partitioned and angular as she gazes at the viewer. That partition is echoed in the colour division in the background of the work. The woman's hair or headdress is weighted to one side and her thin necklace appears to separate her head from her upper body. With all that, she seems confident, resolute and peaceful. Newly framed and glazed. In excellent vintage condition. Signed: Raymond Dèbieve in lower right hand corner.

About the Artist: Raymond Dèbieve (1931 - 2011), was born, along with his twin brother, Michel, in the North of France near the border with Belgium. Their parents, of humble origins, noted a talent for drawing and art in both of the boys and encouraged them in that direction. Unfortunately the boys were separated during the war years but reunited afterwards. They attended the School of Fine Arts in Valenciennes after WWII where they were awarded successive 1st prizes in the Concours de Encouragement à l'Art. Raymond not only painted but was a gifted sculptor of metal works as well. In 1960 he exhibited, with great success, a series of very colourful paintings at the Galerie des Flandres in Lille, France and later in his career in Paris and Switzerland. Primarily with respect to his portraits of women, Raymond was undeniably influenced by Picasso. At the same time, he has managed to forge a distinct style which is much admired and now collected. In 1962, Dèbieve relocated to Provence with his family where he continued to create and exhibit art until his death in the town of Orange in 2011. Since then, Dèbieve's star has been on the rise and his works more and more in demand internationally. 

Dimensions with frame:

W  65 cm

H  48.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

W  52 cm

H  35 cm