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'Place de la Madeleine' Limited Edition Lithograph by Urbain Huchet (1983)

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'Place de la Madeleine', limited edition lithograph (1983) by Urbain Huchet (b. 1930). In excellent condition, on fine paper, newly framed and under anti-reflective glass. Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist himself in lower left and right hand corners: 'Huchet - 11/275'. Certificate of Authenticity provided.

This appealing image of Place de la Madeleine in Paris is quintessential Huchet. Strolling passed chez Maxim's down the elegant Rue Royale towards la Madeleine, well-dressed Parisians enjoy the grace of their city in a bygone era. L'église de la Madeleine is an icon of Paris and was designed in its present form as a temple to the glory of Napoleon's army. 

About the Artist: Urbain Huchet was born in France in 1930. After studying law and running a textile factory for four years, he decided in 1960 to devote himself entirely to painting. Urbain Huchet has a luxurious portfolio of lithographs which have been exhibited, auctioned and collected throughout the world. His heart however remains in Paris and his loving renditions of so many Parisian sites bring joy to the heart. At least 300 editions of lithographs have been printed of his works produced and signed by the artist himself in different workshops in Paris and Cannes. It is advisable to collect them now while they are still available in the artist's lifetime.

Dimensions with frame:

H  60 cm

W  80 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  52 cm

W  71.5 cm